The Tides of Destiny

About the book prompt

a high fantasy based on the D&D Saltmarsh Campaign. The adventures are four women: Hikari, Nikita, Pippin, and Lucia. Hikari is a cleric of the moon goddess and a pirate captain. Nikita is a soldier who has PTSD from losing a battle on the mountain and being the only survivor. Pippin is a druid who has escaped across the sea as a refugee from the demon lands of the West. Lucia is a warlock struggling to find her power and humanity. These women meet in the Port town of Saltmarsh. They are not fast friends but are forced to work together. Mikari and Nikita take jobs as sailors on a fishing vessel owned by Nikitas Family. While out at sea they settle their difference and fight mer-people who have been attacking other fishing vessels. It is here they learn of the recent disappearances of sailors. Meanwhile, Pippin and Lucia are forming ties with the mining faction and the fishing factions in the town. Lucia and Pippin discover that Lucia's family's fishing company is close to bankruptcy.